The Family-Friendly Bin Store - One of a Kind Treasures!

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Trevor Hickens

I have been first in line for the few weeks that this store has been open. And there is a reason for that: They make the experience fun! The staff is kind and very helpful, and they’ve cultivated a great atmosphere. And of course: Finding a good deal isn’t bad either!

On their opening day of the week, Saturday: Plan to get there at least an hour and a half early if you want to be first in. By the time the doors open, they will have a line of 60 or more waiting to get in. To bypass the line, you could always get DaaPass as well. Check their website for details. Another pro tip is to follow them on social media, and check their posts for what you might find in the bins. That way you have a game plan going in.

Some things I’ve found: landscaping solar lights, an iPhone 12 Pro Max, a $600 device to turn my laptop into three monitors, a $700 Marc Pro muscle stimulator, a projector, battery backups, LED lights, clothes, kitchen utensils and devices, and even LED Headlights for a Jeep Wrangler. In three weeks I’ve saved over $3000.

Do I NEED all that? No. I resell a lot of my funds in order to offset the price. So even though it’s already pretty cheap, I make it even cheaper.

Overall, 6/5 stars if I could. Look forward to many more Saturdays to come! As long as I don’t have something that needs done 🙂

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