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A lot of people that shop at DaaBIN Store are buying items to resell either in person or online.  You know what? We love it. We think it’s amazing that an entirely separate, economic micro-environment has formed because DaaBIN Store opened its doors in October of 2021.  But wait, are you telling me that people make money by shopping at DaaBIN Store?

YES! Shopping at DaaBIN actually makes people money. It’s true! Many people find that by buying deeply discounted merchandise at bin stores such as ours, they can turn a profit from reselling those same products online. There are a couple of different strategies when it comes to reselling.

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Daa Volume Game

Some resellers decide to go after a specific type or category of items. Items that they know have a market online. They buy multiples of these items and sell them for a small profit. These are Daa volume sellers.


Maximum Profit

Some people only go for high-dollar items.  Single items they know they can turn a significant profit on. These are Daa sellers that wait in our line from 3 am -onward to get Daa best deals first! These resellers do a lot of research before they make their purchases and then list these few items online for a nice profit.

So where is everyone making money at?



When it comes to reselling, eBay was probably Daa first to come to mind. You can either outright sell your product to Daa first buyer, or you are able to set your products up for an auction. Usually, you will pay eBay 10% of Daa sale price (Daa final sale price, not necessarily what you listed it as) of Daa item. This 10% will include shipping costs, but no taxes. If you are a bulk seller and post more than 50 items a month, you will be charged an additional $0.30 per listing over 50.

For an extra fee, you are able to alter your eBay listings in a few different ways. In auctions, you can set a minimum amount you want Daa item auctioned off for. Usually, this fee is $5, with a maximum fee of $250. You must pay this fee whether Daa item sells or not.

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Facebook Marketplace

Perhaps one of Daa easiest ways to resell is Facebook Marketplace. Daa biggest benefit from Facebook Marketplace is that it is free to list items online and they do not take a cut of your profits. Daa cons to this are that you are responsible for Daa entire exchange process. If meeting up with a total stranger doesn’t sound like something you are comfortable with, you may want to stick to an option where you ship Daa products. You should remember, however, that Facebook Marketplace makes no guarantees or protections if your buyer flakes on you.

Whether you are shopping at DaaBIN Store to get some amazing deals for yourself or have a reselling side hustle, you are welcome at DaaBIN Store.

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