Why ‘DaaBIN‘?

At DaaBIN Store, we're more than just a business – we're a family. Get to know Delaney, Amanda, Andy, and Beau – the inspiration behind our name. Our commitment to inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do.

D: Delaney
a: Andy
a: Amanda
B: Beau
IN: Inclusive

Weichers Family - Delaney, Amanda, Andy, & Beau


Growing up as the baby of the family, she’s only ever known a world with a special needs sibling. From an early age, she picked up on sign language and other forms of communicating with her older brother Beau. As a toddler, she would assist with feeding her older brother and helping with his needs. Having watched her parents advocate over the years for Beau, and for others like him through their non-profit, she herself is fiercely protective and values inclusion as much as her parents. If you could see her love for her brother in action, you would understand the special human being she is. Delaney loves math, her pets, music and singing, church, crafting, and golf. She enjoys working at DaaBIN Store for load-in and on Saturday mornings.


Andy is the founder of DaaBIN Store. He and Amanda have been married since 2007 and they are parents to Beau and Delaney. Andy’s parents are both retired special education teachers. How fitting that Beau would be born into this family! Andy has excelled in sales and marketing for his entire adult life and is a true entrepreneur. DaaBIN Store was just going to be a “side company” for him and through it, he would be able to provide a job for his disabled son. As a father of a special needs child, Andy has felt the weight of “fixing” some of the societal problems that a child like his experiences. A prime example, finding a safe workplace for his intellectually disabled son where he could make the same wage as others around him and even more importantly, feel valued. This “side company” quickly grew to something much larger, in part because of his passion for his family. If you want to see the true definition of Papa Bear, just watch him fight for what is best for his children.


Amanda is Andy’s wife and they’ve been married since 2007 and are parents to Beau and Delaney. About 17 months after Beau was born, he suffered his first major seizure, and an initial diagnosis was made (his genetic diagnosis would come years later with advancements in testing). Amanda saw the struggles she and Andy were facing, and she realized there were other families like them. In 2008 she created Beau’s Beautiful Blessings, a non-profit, that provides funding to Iowa children under the age of 18 that have intellectual disabilities, brain abnormalities, and/or suffer from epilepsy. The Weichers family also spent 5 years raising over a million dollars through donations to their non-profit to build the Cedar Valley’s first all-inclusive playground called The Place to Play Park. The tag line for the park was always #inclusionmatters. The Weichers push for inclusion in the community continued when they opened their first DaaBIN Store. Several DaaBIN Store locations have partnered up with area high schools or agencies to do job training and hire disabled employees to work at the store.


Beau is the reason behind Andy and Amanda’s push for inclusion in their companies. Beau is their oldest child. Born with an extremely rare genetic condition known as ZBTB18, he is mostly non-verbal, is intellectually disabled, has epilepsy, and is approximately the mental age of a 4-year-old. His joy is contagious, and his jumps and squeals are well known throughout our local DaaBIN Store. He looks forward each week to attending load-in and helping to push the carts. His joy has been viewed by millions on TikTok and it’s helped to spread the message of inclusion for all and finding joy in the simple things. Beau loves all things trucks, construction equipment, tractors, car washes, garage doors, trailers, vehicles backing up, and the family dog Nyala.


When you shop at DaaBIN Store, you’re not just getting deals – you’re supporting our vision of inclusion. Your purchases help create meaningful work and smiles in our community. Thank you for being part of our journey.

We look forward to meeting your family as you shop at DaaBIN Store!